ABOUT: Each Gutierrez is handmade in Phoenix.AZ. by Brent Gutierrez one at a time with personal attention to detail. I am first and foremost a guitar player so I know how to attain a specific sound and feel for each individual guitar players need. I have spent the last 26 years in the retail music business repairing all varieties and brands of musical instruments including but not limited to string instruments. Working in the music retail business selling, repairing, and modifying guitars for such an extended period has afforded me the opportunity to talk to countless players over the years and listen to their opinions, concerns and needs. Borrowing heavily from this vast consumer knowledge base I try with each instrument to get specifically what each individual wants and needs out of their instrument. Being a small business, I do not mass order any of the woods used in my instruments. This allows me to really handpick the exact components for my guitars guitar depending on what is the intended goal for the instrument. I do have quite a stash on hand just waiting to be o be used. Most of my necks have dual action truss rods with carbon fiber reinforcements. This allows for a super stable neck that is livelier and has no dead spots. "It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." That is how I try to build every guitar. I spare no expense to get the absolute best I can on every small detail every time and I think all these little things add up to a better instrument.